If you are at this page, then either you are considering buying SHEATH (thank you!!) or are displeased for some reason (let us fix it).

Please email our 100% satisfaction guaranteed customer service center at regarding any issues with your purchase to be resolved promptly.

Orders made with Gift cards cannot be refunded. Orders with Gift Cards are Final.

We recommend buying one pair on your first purchase to simplify the returns process if need be. We will refund your first pair 100% without question, however if you bought more than one pair, in order to get a full refund, we will need the remaining unopened unworn pairs returned before any refund is initiated. 

In a nutshell, If you purchase a 5 pack and wear all five pair and decide you are not satisfied we can only refund you for one pair. If out of the five pack,  you wear one pair and decide you want a refund, we will need the remaining four pair returned at which point we will issue a full refund for the returned items. Please contact us for more information. Thank you for trying our product. Our mission is to satisfy every customer that gives us an opportunity to do so. :) May today be the best day of your life, and may they only get better from here.