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Flash back to the year 2007, before the conception of SHEATH Underwear. While US Army Veteran and SHEATH Founder/CEO, Robert Patton was serving our country overseas in the scorching heat of the Iraqi desert, he found that his tasking daily duties were made all the more difficult by the extreme and unrelenting heat. It was at this time that he began thinking that there has to be a better way. After a few bouts at the drawing board in his spare time, and some good ol’ trial and error, Patton conceptualized an innovative garment design which he hoped would change way we think of underwear. Now, our innovative and revolutionary isolation design stands unrivaled in terms of comfort, style and functionality in the realm of athletic apparel.


Best Mens Underwear

Zen pouch Vs Dual Pouch 

Comfort Beyond Words

Let's be honest - when it comes to underwear, there is nothing more important than comfort. We can go on and on about our superior craftsmanship, calculative design and stylish appearance, but nothing will convince you quite like slipping into a pair of SHEATH Underwear for yourself. It feels as if the jewels are being treated like royalty, as they are given their own private sanctum, keeping them secure and you in a state of bliss. 

Dual Pouch 3.21 and 4.0

The Dual Pouch (Patent Pending)

Now comes the latest and greatest in SHEATH innovation. Our revolutionary Dual-Pouch takes what makes SHEATH so remarkable and improves upon it in the only way we could think possible. The Dual Pouch features a circular-seamed urination hole within the inner kangaroo pouch that leads to an outer vertical pouch, isolating not only the genitals from the inner thighs, but also penis from the testicles. Our Dual Pouch design also adds a popularly-demanded fly for quick access. This level of isolation proves to be particularly effective in the most sweltering and high-activity conditions imaginable.

Male Pouch Underwear

The 'Zen' Pouch

Here is where it all began. The simple, yet elegant design of our Zen Pouch can be likened to that of a kangaroo’s pouch, keeping your joey comfortably dry and separated from the inner thigh region. Unlike other underwear designed for a similar purpose, we at SHEATH are proud to provide a design that avoids the use of gimmicky drawstrings, intrusive linings and pinching seams that you will find in many of the competing brands. The Zen Pouch technology can be found within the SHEATH 2.0, 3.0 and Camo models.


 The Cheeky Boyshort

For the debut of our venture into women’s fashion, we proudly present the SHEATH Cheeky Boyshort. Possessing an aesthetically similar appearance to the men’s SHEATH 4.0 Boxer Brief, this athleisure undergarment sits flawlessly at the intersection of style, comfort and functionality. We have crafted them using our signature modal/elastane fabric blend for a form-fitting, moisture wicking breathability that will not affect the vagina’s natural pH environment or the microclimate of the skin while producing that long-lasting, unimpeded comfort that has become synonymous with our apparel.


Quality Materials & Craftsmanship

We have searched the globe, leaving no stone unturned in order to find the the most perfect blends of quality fabrics to use in our underwear. Our standard model (SHEATH 2.0) features a blend of 95% Cotton, 5% Colored Elastane fabric for a perfect balance of softness, breathability and durability at an affordable cost.

Our sports and luxury models (SHEATH 3.0, 3.21, 4.0 & Briefs) feature an indescribably silky and stretchy cooling blend of 95% Modal and 5% Midnight Elastane fabric for long-lasting comfort and moisture prevention in even the most extreme circumstances.

Lastly is our unimaginably soft SHEATH Camo line, featuring a unique blend of 94% Polyester and 6% Camouflage Spandex fabric, perfect for cooler climates and the winter season. Stock your underwear arsenal with every variety of SHEATH and you will literally be ready for anything.


                      SHEATH UnderwearSHEATH UnderwearSHEATH Underwear

Bottom Line

We here at SHEATH Underwear have created our products with the active person in mind. If you are an individual who regularly involves themselves in physical activity, such as mountain climbing, martial arts, sports, running, cycling, yoga, meditation, et cetera, then you need SHEATH in your drawer. Although our apparel boasts innovative comfort and functionality advancements, we pride ourselves on maintaining a traditional sense of style in our designs, making the SHEATH brand easily adoptable for anyone.


Samurai Red 2.0