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SHEATH LLC is an indie company run by a small group and don't have high overhead costs which is why we are able to offer reasonable prices to our customers, whom we feel are an integral part of the SHEATH team. While we operate with these lower margins, we are able to donate to homeless shelters with the aim to grow our loyal customer base along the way. Our small team knows that there is sacrifice involved in starting a new business these days. Without ever taking a loan, we have been able to grow slow and steady over the past few years, but it comes at a cost. We are still on a shoestring budget as everything we make either goes back into the company or into the development of new product. We are a team with the determination to do what ever it takes to develop a successful enterprise that offers a premium product at a reasonable price, while helping those less fortunate along the way. We are all doing our part to make this company stronger and this effort is led by Army Sergeant Robert Patton who served from 2006-2011 successfully completing two tours to Iraq as NCOIC. It was here he learned the art of leadership taking a team of 4 to Iraq and bring everyone back in tact.  


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As you may know we got our big push from Kickstarter1 and haven't looked back, but before Kickstarter2, it was just an idea.

SHEATH Underwear Stretch Pose 

5 years before our first Kickstarter. 

The inception of SHEATH Underwear, as with the beginning of any company, came in the form of an idea. The idea was of a pouch underwear that completely isolates the male package from inner thigh region, providing a cool dry free commando sort of feeling. The product is now available but we must Caution you. WARNING: THESE UNDERWEAR MAY INDUCE A COMFORT COMA FOLLOWED BY COMPLETE MENTAL CLARITY. As in most cases, with our case, it seemed Necessity was the mother of Invention and it began like this.

In the arid heat of the Iraqi Desert in 2008, Sergeant Patton A.KA. of the 111th Quartermaster Company, was the assigned NCOIC of the Camp Speicher; he and 4 soldiers manned this operation 24hrs a day 7 days a week for 6 months. Fortunately for all involved, this rotation was less active than his previous 2006-2007. Though the casualty rate diminished on this tour, the heat did not subsist and relief normally provided via motor powered generators to our cooling system was interrupted when the back-ups went down one mid-day in Iraq. It was during this brief period of inexhaustible heat which Sergeant Patton had the ingenius idea for SHEATH Underwear. They called him Mr 300 because he maxed all his PT tests from Basic training until his Honorable Discharge in 2011 and he also naturally kept a warm body temperature; and with the aid of multiple cups of coffee throughout the day coupled with the desert sun and a Full Combat Uniform, you can imagine the heat and discomfort; and this was pre-SHEATH so he was  wearing some saggy, sweat-soaked, sand colored, cotton undies. It was not a preferable situation for the package and the only recourse Sergeant Patton could devise at the time was to insert a dry hand towel into the crotch region to dry up and isolate the frank and beans from the remainder of the area. It turns out the groin is one of the hottest temperatures of the body which is what SHEATH Underwear addresses.  It was this temporary relief that also provided a moment of clarity. It is this clarity that we wish to provide to our customers, but that is an aside from this story.  It was at this time he presumed the existence of an underwear brand that had a pouch sewn into the garment that would completely isolate the boys from the inner thighs while not squashing them. He searched far and wide on the internet and found a brand or two that were on the right track but hadn't hit the nail on the head because they tended to squash the frank and beans together, thus creating an entirely new pleasure. With no other real option, he had to take it upon himself to bring the idea in his head into physical reality. He took some pre-bought boxer briefs to the tailor along with some additional fabric to have some pouches sewn into the garment. They were extremely primitive at first but have since evolved into what we have as our options today. SHEATH Underwear was conceived out of war like conditions during a moment of clarity. 

What more can we do......

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We have donated to Socks for Soldiers a couple times in the past a few hundred pairs of SHEATH....however as the war dies down and less soldiers are serving in those extreme desert conditions, we are looking closer to home to do some good within our area of operation; visa ve Underwear. We want to do more than simply profit off selling these wonderful SHEATH underwear, arguably, the best men's underwear. We want to give something back as well, so we are turning our efforts more local towards supplying people that can't afford new underwear. We are aiming our philanthropic efforts toward providing the homeless with fresh underwear and a fresh perspective. We have already begun the process but want to include you in this magnificent operation. I Robert Patton, who initiated this operation at a personal level can guarantee we will donate a small percentage of our unsold underwear each year to help those in need to the best of our ability. Based on personal experience of giving to individuals, when a homeless person receives new underwear, they are not discarded. After running into one of the individuals previously gifted some SHEATH, he attested that he had put them on a few days ago and was still wearing them. Currently we are donating to the Colorado Springs homeless and the Springs Rescue Mission. We will be happy to take your suggestions for local shelters in your community. Thank you for your participation. Ninja Black SHEATH Underwear